Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


Day 1 : Experience

I woke up at 5.15am in the morning and did a 20min kundalini yoga. I already felt I had un-blocked my chakras and any negative energy after doing this. Then I spent 5mins visualising how I want my new life to be like. Then I said my Affirmation for the next 5mins.

Then I showered and did my prayer, thanked the universe for everything. After that I did a 15min meditation.

Straight after meditation - I connected with my spirit guides who always guide me in the right direction and always answers through journaling.

Then I got ready and went to work with a lot of positive energy and love in my heart. There was an incident that happened at work where one of my senior managers was rude to me and I instantly got angry. Luckily it was home time so I did not have to sit there being angry. But all the way home, I was fuming - I knew this kind of feeling is not right and I need to come out of it but I just could not. So when I got home, I got my gym clothes on (still angry) and went to the gym and did a 30min walk out. After the work out, I felt much calmer but the anger although subsided was still lingering somewhere in side me.

Anyway - the last task of the day was to read another chapter of a self development book and since i follow Gabrielle Bernstein, I decided to read "Add more Ing to your life". On chapter 2 - she teaches about forgiveness, she tells you about a story about a rabbi - how this person pushes the rabbi into the ditch but the rabbi still turns around and blesses that person. Then I realized - People who say anything rude or hurt you - they maybe in a negative/ suffering place too and that is why they respond in such a way.  Blaming, anger and unforgiving thoughts lead us to unhappiness. When we hold this anger and un-forgiveness in our heart then this hurts our future relationships. Unless you release the pass hurts through forgiveness, you won't be able to create a miraculous change.

So while I am reading this chapter, I smile and realize the universe works in such mysterious ways. It knew I was angry and sent me this book (specifically this chapter to read) to make me understand forgiveness, to take this anger out of my heart. Straight away I realized, there person who was rude to me, must be suffering in their own way. I closed my eyes and said the Affirmation Gabby in her book says to say "I forgive you and release you. I accept you are suffering too"

I also realized I have forgiven everyone in my old life. I have released and I must continue to do so. It maybe hard but next time if anyone pisses you off - pause, understand they maybe suffering too. Bless them that they will feel better and release it. For me - this is now my new mantra.

I feel I'm so close to my spirituality (inner guide, spirit angels, Universe).

It is just Day 1 but I already feel so confident and positive on attracting all that I ever wanted. I feel so blessed.

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