Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


Day 11 completed. Feel so much happiness that I have come so far.

I started this journey as I needed to commit to my spirituality so I can serve my purpose in life.

Few months ago I asked for my life purpose and the response I got was - my purpose is to serve the world, to help everyone in the journey from fear to love. The only problem was I could not commit on my daily practice, I would flake after a few days with some excuse or the other. But if we want to succeed in this journey to love then its very important to have a commitment to a daily practice.

We don't always live in the light, just today one of my managers at work said something and I immediately went into worry mode but then I quickly realized its my ego attacking me. I analyzed the situation and realized I am over exaggerating the situation - there was nothing to worry about, it all worked out. I am glad due to this daily practice - I am able to identify the ego (fear based thinking) attacking me and I am able to come back to positive/ love (thinking) very quickly. It only works if you show commitment hence my journey for the 40 day challenge.

It is a very strong purpose I have in my life. To serve people is the greatest gift in life and I do not want to preach what I don't practice.

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