Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings

mountain river near the forest at sunset

Day 17 Completed.

I am beyond words what I experienced yesterday.

So few days ago I asked my inner guide about something I had doubts about and the response I got while journaling is not to worry about this as all will be well. So I had the faith and believed what my inner guide told me then after a couple of days my friend at work who I spend most of the working day with started panicking about the situation, going all negative/ fear and ego based thinking, really really really negative projection of thoughts. I tried to get her to think positive, to come back to love but for the life in me I couldn't and she refused to listen. And her negative energy was so bad that it started affecting me too. The belief in my mind of the outcome started changing from positive to negative outlook. At this point I needed help to get out of this situation because I knew my ego had finally found  way to attack me. So I went home and asked for my inner guide for help. I released my fear to the care of my inner guide, I prayed and meditated to help me. The next morning I woke up still feeling a little doubtful but that day when I came home (there was a movie on amazon "Breakthrough" now available to watch - I had been wanting to watch this movie for a long time but was waiting for the cost to come down and it finally did so I started watching it). It is about a true story about the un-wavering faith the mother had to bring her dead son back to life. While watching this movie I cried so much.

It didn't happen by chance that the movie was available to watch on that day. It happened because I asked my inner guide/ Universe for help and it showed by via that movie. We need to have un-wavering faith, we need to trust that there is something greater than us who is there to protect and guide us.

At that very moment I realized what it was trying to tell me. It was telling me when the inner guide has already told me of the outcome then why am I doubting it. I need to have the same un-wavering faith like the mother did in that movie.

I feel so blessed, I asked for help and my prayers were answered.

I am so happy to be on this journey!!!! Definitely a miracle. Have Faith...Believe it with all your heart then only miracles will show up.

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