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morning rituals

I have struggled to wake up early in the morning to do anything. I always tried to wake up early and do some self development tasks but I could never and I mean never could get up early. But I kept trying as every successful person I have read about, their success factor is waking up early and doing a list of items (Gym, yoga, meditation, affirmations etc).

When i finally hit rock bottom like the 100th time and in desperate need to change my life around, I asked for help from Gabby Bernstein's miracle membership group of ladies on how to motivate myself to wake up early - one of the ladies suggested I read The Miracle Morning : The Not So-Obvious Secret to Transform Your Life (Before 8am) 

My Goodness this book changed my life. I am on my 4th day of waking up early and going strong. I am so excited to wake up early now. I suggest everyone struggling to wake up early or people who aren't early morning risers to read this book.

If I can do it then so can you. Just remember one thing - we cannot achieve our dreams if we continue to do what we are doing in life right now. We need to work on it, bring changes, implement these changes to our daily routine then you will see nothing is impossible.

I will keep updating all of you the changes I notice in my life. You won't see change will be slow and subtle first then in probably 2 months into it,  you will see vast positive changes.


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