Life Journey to Love

Many of you may ask - what does this journey mean? A simple meaning - there are only 2 ways thoughts can be directed to, Fear or Love. The miracle is turning from fear to love.

My aim through this website is to bring that miracle into everyones life. To divert from this fear based thinking, listening to this ego that doesn't do anything but keeps our life in ruins to a more healthy way of living, a way of living where we can achieve all our dreams and live a life beyond our dreams.

How I plan to do this is by using myself as the guinea pig, reporting how I managed to turn my life a 360 degrees and what tools and methods I used on a daily basis.

We read a lot of self help books but none of them precisely mention step to step daily processes, feelings and actions to be taken. I would like to bring this about to all my viewers. It is my commitment to serve all everyone I can through this website.