Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings

Usually what happens is that when we start focusing on our goals, manifestations and dreams there are certain daily steps you need to take in order to see the positive change or signs that your manifestation is working. Just like a plant - when you plant a seed, it doesn't automatically become a plant the very next day - infact you have to water it daily in order to see it has grown in a few weeks to few months. If you stop watering the plant for a few days then it will dry up and die.

So you see the same happens to us as human beings, we do the routine for a few days, don't see results, get de-motivated and stop doing it.

That is why we need to consistently meditate, pray, visualize, practice feeling good, watching how thoughts. This requires consistency.

If we stop doing this then we will never see any results.

You have to bring the motivation from within you and remain consistent. And somewhere in this consistency you will start seeing results.

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