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One very strong aspect of my spiritual practice is that I am able to feel and understand signs from the Uinverse/ Spirit angels. For the past view days I have been getting 'number' signs from my spirit angels. As per below :

111 - I am on a verge of a breakthrough. Stay strong, have faith, Pray and trust. You're going to make it.

555 -indicates that a change is coming.It could indicate a new period of personal growth or it could mean a physical change such as a house move or new job. If you often see 555, it indicates that you are a person who relishes opportunities to expand and grow.

333 - Everything is aligning perfectly in your life. What didn't make sense in the past, is now starting to fall into place.

Attached screenshots as to when I saw these numbers. I did not know the meaning of those numbers when I saw it but something inside me told me to google the meaning of it. I was so surprised when I found out the meaning.

As many of you know I recently lost my job so I feel this is the Universe/Spirit guides/ Inner guide trying to let me know be patient and trust the universe (have un-wavering faith), enjoy the process as some good change is coming into my life.

Stay tuned on my blog to know....

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