Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


So this is what i do daily on this spiritual journey.

Wake up early in the morning, say self love affirmations then make up my bed.

Then i do a kundalini yoga by Noa Lakshmi, shower then do gratitude journal, prayer, meditation, connecting with spirit guides then finally journalling.

During the day i do a Ho'oponopono meditation (Hawaiian prayer of gratitude and forgiveness) then i do 2 more self love meditations.

By the end of day (close to end of work day - around 5pm) i do another kundalini yoga for self love.

Finally to close the day i read a book and visualize what i am trying to attract in my life.

Also throughout the day i try to live from the end so i go about the day thinking what i want is already here.

Please let me know if you would like me to provide links to the materials i use.

Sat Nam!

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