Like everyone else I have been reading self help books for years trying to master the skill of positive thinking, trusting and having faith in the universe, being the happier version of myself. Mastering the law of attraction has somewhat worked but most of the time it has not.

Overtime I start visualizing something, if it works I am happy then I go onto the next and get very disappointed when it does not work on the next material item I am focusing on. This made me realize I had got it wrong this entire time.

I hit rock bottom multiple times...when I didn't get the big promotion I wanted, when I couldn't get myself to write the book I wanted, when at this age I am still single - nothing was working for me.

Then I realized if I don't put the effort of improving the quality of my life, investing in my self development then nothing would happen. I have come to a point in my life where I don't see any other option so what is the harm of giving this one more try.

My goal is to living this journey with you all. Giving you teachings from my life that I applied and doing a live commentary on a day to day basis to my road to love as my mentor Gabrielle Bernstein always says 'coming back to love'. This negativity is fear and once we return to love - this is the miracle, beauty of Manifestation and in essence core of Law of attraction. Hence the name of this Blog - Live Journey to Love.

Next Steps...

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