Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


Day 13 and 14th done and dusted.

On the path of self discovery, journey to love the catch is you need to do a daily commitment. Once you drop off the wagon, the ego will start entering your mind, all fear based thoughts will come back.

I have encountered these many times, time and and again I have dropped off the wagon but I am determined now. I am ready to commit and see miracles in my life. The changes maybe minor as you start this journey but one of the biggest principles we have to master is patience. Each day as you progress, you see little by little changes like I am experiencing. You just have to show up everyday for your daily practice.

I have gained a lot out of this already and I continue to go stronger. I believe, I have faith.  I already believe it hence I will receive, in the Universe's timeline, I am aligned with my source, I surrender and believe the universe will always have my back.

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