Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


Day 22 Completed!!!

I was just listening to Gabby's talk on Success is an inner job. In that 2hour talk she explains how to un-do the ego. Understanding when we have a power greater than ourselves. We need to recognize/ expose this fear, then choose the thought again (I choose to see Love over Fear, I choose Peace over this) then release it to the power greater than ourselves via prayer (Thank you for talking this fear based thought from me).

After this is getting Aligned. Success can only be measured by how much time you spend aligned with love.

This all goes back to why I need to stay committed on this spiritual journey. We may do all these spiritual things for a few days, fall off the wagon, come back then fall again. But in order to stay on this path, we need to commit to a daily practice so we can come back to love quickly, we can have Joy every single day and then only you can create the world you want to see.

I am finally seeing the light....

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