Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


Day 29 Completed.

Wow - I am coming to the finish of the commitment I made which now feels like a strong part of my life as my daily routine.

Feelings are hard-work. Just when you feel you are fully invested - it comes out from nowhere to scare you in the form of Ego. I have those feelings too. But the thing is no one said it would be an easy ride - I have to keep reminding myself to turn this over to my inner guide, when it still makes me feel like crap or negative then I start walking around, if it still doesn't wear off - then what I do is talk to my close and honest friends who are always honest - people have different ways. There is no right way to come back to love or positivity. The beauty is that you are able to identify these thoughts as harmful and try your very best to come back to love....

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