Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


Day 16 Done 🙂

In this journey one thing that I have learnt is the Ego is our worst enemy - it tries to destroy you, keep you in darkness, brings you un-happiness, jealousy and bad judgement.

It is the fear that we are so much gripped into and spend our entire life in. These practices have helped me identify that I have my Ego speaking and it is these lessons that help me come back from Ego based thinking/ fear to love.

It is not always easy - I have this belief on a particular topic and feel really positive about it while my dear friend is very negative about that same situation. So when you spend most of your day with this person, you slowly start succumbing to this negativity and fear as well.

But thank god I have this daily practice that I am committed to that helps me with such issues. It helps to me hand over the fear to my inner guide. It helps me to meditate on it and hear my inner guide to give advice (the last chapter of Add more ing to your life by Gabby Bernstein explains these steps)

Now I am back to love, in a positive state going stronger in what I believe regardless of who is around me....

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