Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings

I have successfully completed 37, 38 and 39 days of my 40 day challenge.

1 more day and I complete the entire thing. So excited to welcome this new practice into my life.

Today as I sat on my yoga mat - I had a few negative feelings, feelings like why is this happening to me, why aren't I getting any response from the numerous places I am applying to (Incase you haven't read my other blogs - I lost my job 2 weeks ago). Then suddenly a voice from inside me said "The Power is within you" - and the more I progressed with my kundalini yoga, the more clearer and clearer it got.

I finally said - the Ego was attacking me again. My spiritual guides keep telling me to trust the process and everything will happen in divine timing.

This is a perfect example on how Ego creeps up to you. But these daily practices help you get out of that horrible fear based thinking.

I now believe, have un-wavering faith and a strong vision on the future.

Sat Nam.

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