Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


I have had a strong interest in fashion ever since I can remember. I love the fashion trends I come up with and normally obsess over. It is a passion - Many of my followers and friends had suggested to me to start blogging all of my fashion ideas, before I embarked on this spiritual journey - I had no intention but suddenly something amazing happened - I started to dress nice even more and more because I was clearing/ cleaning up all the garbage/mess/negativity inside of myself through my daily spiritual commitment. Hence the motto - Look Better, Feel Better!

I have decided to blend my fashion ideas to self development and how the 2 can go together hand in hand. Just because we are spiritual doesn't mean that we cannot look our best or be in line with fashion. So here it is my first one! #Self Love

Top - By Papaya

Pleated Skirt - By H&M

Shoes - By Nine West

Handbag - Louis Vutton

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