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As many of you know that I just finished my 40 day challenge a few days ago - this has brought me many benefits as well as instilled a new habit in me to follow a new daily routine.

But when sometimes you get sick or a fear that takes time to go out of your system - then its ok to stay in bed all day or its ok to just let go and be on your couch all day. But the catch is - once your done - you gotta get right back to it.

I spent all of yesterday doing exactly that. I did not want to get out/ get up or do anything at all. Just wanted to be on my couch due to an issue I was facing that I couldn't get out of my head.

While what I should have done is hit the gym, or do any physical activity - just something to get out of the fear - but all I did was stay on my couch. While sometimes its ok to just let your body to rest - you should not feel guilty about it.

This morning I jumped right back into my new habit of tasks.

As many of you may know - I just lost my job so I had this interview with a company this morning. And since I spiritually connect with my spirit angels everyday - I read that if you need a sign from your spirit angel then try using numbers. So number 24 is to be shown when you find a good job good for you. So I said to my spirit angels to show me 24 if this job is good for me and I will get it. I did the interview. Once I finished it - I picked up my phone and the time was 8.24 (there it was the 24 staring right back at me). Now I know and believe...

Sat Nam!

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