Life Journey To Love

To New Beginnings


It is very easy to divert back to your ego and start procrastinating your daily new habits. I was not able to practice my new daily habits that I acquired through my 40 day challenge due to a health reason. But I needed to only rest for 4 days or so. Today is the 6th day - my ego is trying really hard to tell me I need more rest. Meanwhile its playing its dirty tricks by instilling fear in me. In these 6days - I have collected so much fear in me and I forgot that the Universe has my back. I started fearing and becoming agitated. Nervous, scared etc.

But suddenly I realized what was going on....I am listening quietly what the Ego is saying then I said to myself love did not create it so its not real. I am going to continue with my new daily habits of my strengthened spirituality from today - to remind me daily how to come back to love.

It is often said - to achieve something in life - you need to change something you do daily. I am on this path.

Sat Nam!

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