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I have been doing my miracle morning practice for 8days now. While I do not see huge changes as yet, I did notice one thing.

I have a very enstranged relationship with my middle sister. We hardly talk. She got married this weekend, I couldn't make it to the wedding as it was too much of a last minute notice and ticket prices from San Francisco to Ohio were rocket high. On April 27th - (on the day of the wedding) both my eldest sister and I were wondering how the wedding went, hoping it went well but no idea of actually knowing since my middle sister does not talk to us. Then in some time she sent my mom the wedding pictures and not to us. My Mom shared the pictures with us and at that moment, when I saw the pictures, all I could feel in my heart is pure happiness, happy to see her happy, feeling a way I could send her blessings. The joy and happiness in my heart was beyond measure.

Then it suddenly clicked to me, I no longer feel jealousy, anger or any type of hatred in my heart for anyone. I chose to choose love over fear in all my relationships. We are all one and the other person is always me.

I normally would get angry if people don't invite me to an event or when I look at their pictures on social media then I get jealous, get angry or upset. I no longer do that - my heart is filled with so much love and I realized whether I am included or not, I don't really care. I just want to be happy for everyone. I had finally defeated my ego. I chose love in all my relationships. I feel like I am finally free, like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

This feeling wouldn't have come if I did not practice. I made a choice in my life to stay committed in my path and it is reflecting in my life.

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