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I will never forget this day, May 14th afternoon. I was reading Gabrielle Bernstein' book Spirit Junkie to gain more spiruality into my life and in there she mentions to have a connection with the inner guidance. We need to say a prayer, then straight after meditate then journal for 10 mins or so.

She mentions :

Prayer is where you ask.

Meditation is where you listen.

Journal is where you receive guidance.

So I got onto my prayer place and said a prayer that she tells us to use :

Inner Guide : Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom.

Then I meditated for a fews minutes - Gabrielle mentions to breath in and say I welcome guidance and breath out say I will receive.

After I finished meditating, I felt a shiver in my body. I knew it instantly that my inner guide was there, I felt the presence then I started writing my journal. For a few seconds I was blank but then something miraculous happened - the pen in my hands just started flowing with words and when I was done - I read what the message was. It was beautiful.

My inner guidance told me my purpose, on what I am here to do.

It was a miraculous experience and I continue to have a close connection with my inner guide.

Daily practice of prayer and meditation helps to be close to love. It helps dissolve fear and you are in the feeling of knowing that there is something greater than you protecting and guiding you.

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